This is a re-post from my old blog from 4/21/08

According to Crunch Base BrightKite is a location based social network based in Denver, CO. In real-time it lets people see where their friends are, share their experiences and make new friends based on the places that they frequent. Businesses and venues can capture and syndicate the activity around them via their website, and RSS. Brightkite can be used via the web, text messaging, e-mail, WAP, and the iPhone, giving users an immersive experience.

I haven’t poked around quite enough to give any kind of full review but it has been dovetailing quite nice into my Twitter addiction. My only concern is the ease people can have stalking you. I haven’t given it my real home address but just close enough to make use of some of the local features.

I’ve been using it for a couple days. Mostly in conjunction with Twitter which it plays very nice with.

It does have some optimization for iPhone. However, I don’t have an iPhone. I have a Blackberry Curve. It seems to work quite well with my Twitterberry Twitter app and text messaging.

There are a number of text messaging shortcuts that make posting on the go easier. There is also a custom e-mail address you can e-mail cell phone pics to. An example is here.

I did go to the NY Comic Con this weekend which would have been the perfect test for such an application but sadly it’s still very beta and there weren’t any other users there. Or if there were there were in privacy mode.

You get 5 invites to the beta test when you get in and I have 2 left if anyone wants to give it a try. There are numerous ways of contacting me all over this blog. I just need an e-mail address.

Another good article on the subject is Clint Ecker’s Blog.

It’s very interesting and I’m curious if it will catch on. My Twitter circle seems to enjoy playing with it. Time will tell.

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