Crappy Cell Phone Pics from the NY Comic Con

This is a re-post from my old blog from 4/21/08

I will be uploading the higher rez stuff tonight but here are some stuff from my cell phone.

At the Con

It gets bigger every year.

Interesting Adversing

What’s in the bunker filled with red light and smoke? Oh it’s two flatscreens showing a crappy promo. Can I get out now? No? Ok.

Actors from Narnia: Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian Panel. Cute little british guys. The footage looked great. I’m not that into this series but it was fun to see them.

Blurry Cylons

Battlestar Galactica panel. OMG Awesome! Tigh, Tori, and Anders were there. i09 has a nice summary. What I picked up were:

Main Characters will die.

Michael Hogan was blown away and shocked when he read the script for the next ep on the plane ride over. Crazy shit happens.

There will probably not be any kind of movie with this cast and storyline in the future.

When it ends it will end.

HellBoy 2 characters

Hellboy 2 panel. Again I’m not that interested in this series but this was the best panel I attended.

There were 9 characters from the movie on stage with them in full costume. It was hella freaky. They were moving around the whole time.

Also from the panel. Guillermo Del Toro is THE MAN. I liked his stuff but was never a fangirl or anything.

He just came across as a very cool and approachable guy. He was so nice to all the fans there. He actually hires people for real from these things to work on his movies. Crazy.

Better pictures to come. I promise.

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