Customizing your Desktop Icons

This is a re-post from my old Blog from 5/22/07

Everyone has their own system but on any computer I work on I have at least three main folders. A download folder, a work folder and a fun folder. There is a structure within those folders for pics, video ect. but I like to keep a clean desktop so that’s my three main ones.

Since I use them so often I like to customize their icons so I can find them easier plus it’s just fun. I primarily work in Windows so that’s what I will be referring to.

To customize a folder’s icon you need to right click it and choose properties. Then click on the “customize” tab.

At the bottom you have a “change icon” button. If you click it you are automatically sent to where all the icons live which is “%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll”. There are quite a few good ones to choose from there. I’m fond of the star myself. Easy to spot in a folder list.

Click on the icon you want and click ok.

Now those icons are ok but if you want fun ones you gotta hit the web. Not any image will do. It has to be a .ico and it’s not something you can easily make with Photoshop and the like although there are tools available. However I’ve found Icon Factory has great free icon downloads and I’ve used those.

Changing your icons isn’t much but I’ve found it really helps me find what I need in a hurry.

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