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This is a re-post from my old blog from 5/11/07

If your like me then you forget stuff. A lot. Technology can help with that and I found a new app today thanks to Lifehacker.

It allows you to add sticky notes to your iGoogle page (formally known as Your Personal Home Page). Since that is my “Home” on all my browsers on all my machines it’s likely that a prominent sticky note would grab my attention.

You can download the app here at the creaters homepage. There is also a Google Group dedicated to it.

Download and set up was easy. I was able to play around in just a few minutes.

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I’m not sure how it saves. The first time I wrote a note and closed the tab in Firefox it only partly saved. Keeping the tab open longer seemed to save the whole thing. You can move the sticky wherever you would like or dock it with the rest of your Google Gadgets. I can see this being useful by putting it right over the search field which would force you to deal with the reminder before being able to use Google. You can also change colors fonts and other things.

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This area of the FAQ seems a cause of concern:

Q :How often are adverts displayed?
A: It depends how many notes you use. If you use one or two notes, the
will be displayed once every couple of weeks. If you use 50 notes,
then they may be displayed as ofter as every day. In any event, an
advert is only displayed for one page load so clicking on it or
refreshing will dismiss that ad until it is next scheduled to appear.

Q: How can I turn the adverts off?
A: From the gadgets settings change the “Support Bonstio” option to
“No way!”. No more gadgets will be displayed.

However as he notes it is easy to turn off. I’ll leave it on for now. The guy seems like he is doing good work and he should be payed for it. However if Ads get annoying then I am just going to have to turn it off.

I attempted to add a bunch of notes and refreshed but I still didn’t get an ad so it doesn’t seem to appear very often.

So far so good for a potentially useful application.

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